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July 17: Auction

See the listing of the lots:

CLICK on this link or the HAMMER Gavel


When you click on the above Auction Hammer, another page will open
with all the lot listings (no pictures available this time).

Note: only members may bid on our bid boards or auctions.
But if you are at our meeting as a non-member and want to bid on something,
it only takes a few minutes for you to become a member!

Get your members Auction workup sheets here,

print them off and fill them out

The majority of auctions are silent auctions, held during club meetings. Auction lots are placed on bid boards and club members write in their bid. You can rebid as often as you would like. Members are invited to place philatelic items on the bid board during member auctions This is similar to an actual auction, with an auctioneer. Proceeds from member auctions go directly back to the member. The 10% fee to the club has been abolished!
Occasionally, the club runs auctions
with club material; proceeds
benefit club activities
Since May, 2009, we have a monthly raffle in addition to our regular bid boards and auctions. These are often comprised of past bid boards of MNH foreign stamps and also include a number of full sets. Total catalog value is $50 - $80. Tickets cost $1.00 each and are available from 6:00 - 7:30pm, and during the bid board break. Drawings will be held immediately after the break.
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