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Salem Stamp Society Past Events with pictures

March 17 2012 Stampex Exhibits Mark Dochez, Ray Berg, Frans Geerlings

Mark Dochez Ray Berg Exhibit Frans Geerlings Exhibit Frans Geerlings Exhibit2

Christmas Dinner 2011, BIG turnout!

Bob and Loren Treasure Island Buffet Carl and Louise
A Brite Light George Jerry Gooley Joan
Table of Presents Bob and Cake Joan and Loren Mary Vasolo
John Esbenshade Lucien Martin with Postal History Room View1
Mike Pull another name Ray Room View 5
Room View 2 Room View 3 Room View 4 Pictures by Frans Geerlings
Christmas Dinner - 2008
Christmas Dinner - 2010
Christmas 2008 Christmas 2008 Dinner 2010 Dinner 2010-4
2010 Dinner 2010 Dinner Marc 2010 Dinner Pictures by Michelle Giamatto
APS Show - Portland 2007
Pipex Show - 2008
2007 Carl at show table
Carl Newswanger manning our booth
Kim-Lucien at APS show
Kim Brick man and Lucien Klein manning our booth.
Ray Berg at PIPEX
Ray Berg, Postmaster for Aumsville, at Pipex 2008.
Kim-Carl-Mark Pipex 2009
Kim, Carl and Marc
at Pipex 2008.
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